Upset that your name is mentioned on this blog?   That is because your name is part of a case caption or mentioned in a published court opinion.   Believe it or not, court rulings are published and public record.   But as the purpose of this site is to educate the public, and not to humiliate you,  I will remove your name upon request.   Note that  last names that are part of the case caption can not be removed as they are necessary for those who want to look up the case.


2 thoughts on “Complaints”

  1. hi my name is joan Seymour and in my unit air condition is leaking 7 to 8 of full buckets 5 gallons each day in a span 14 months and I have be in this place the same amount of time please help me with this my landlord wont fix it .

  2. Re: Florida Landlord/Tenant

    Hello – the management company claims we should have noted issues during the initial walk through. During a heated conversation the Property Manager offered to return our money. I had a bad feeling about moving out and having our check ready at their office.

    During the initial walk through the agent mentioned the rental had a deep cleaning. I Goggled Deep Cleaning and found, “an exceptionally intense cleaning process” an there would be a surface cleaning prior to moving in. All I can say is, they must be confused with another property. The house is dusty, dead bugs in light fixtures, powerless electrical socket, greyish water and granular substance in toilet bowl and bathtub, dirt and dust in garage, interior/exterior window filthy, on and on.

    I have taken captioned pictures of issues with this rental. The Property Manager is aware of the above issues but keeps telling us we should have noted the issue prior to signing lease agreement.

    The lease agreement mentions several requirements the tenant must follow. Some are reasonable some are mentioned to insure their $1,000.00 security deposit is not returned to the tenant.

    We are in a mess and have no where to turn. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    Sanford Kinnear
    1 (479) 866 9029

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