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HB 1287 Criminalizing landlording

GENERAL BILL by Hardemon 3/5/2017

Makes it a crime if the landlord fails to maintain the premises or engages in retaliatory conduct or prohibited practices (self help eviction).  A misdemeanor for the first offense and a FELONY for a second offense.  Read the full bill here

SB 756: Free ride for tenants

GENERAL BILL by Rodriguez

Deletes the requirement for the tenant to post the rent in the court registry within five days and subsequently as rent comes due, and replaces it with a requirement that the eviction be heard within 30 days.  Any requirement to pay rent during the pendency of the court proceedings at the judge’s discretion.  Read the full text here

HB 1423 / SB 1274: Victims of domestic violence protection.

GENERAL BILL by Jenne ; (CO-INTRODUCERS) Baez ; Jacobs 3/7/2017

Prohibits landlord from evicting tenant or terminating or refusing to enter into residential rental agreement because tenant or tenant’s minor child is victim of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual violence, or stalking; allows victim of such violence to terminate residential rental agreement with liability for 30 days rent requires landlord to change locks of dwelling unit within 24 hours,  authorizes tenant to change locks of dwelling unit under certain conditions. Read the full bill here

CS/SB 1588: Servicemember rental applications

Where the landlord or HOA requires the spouse of adult family member of a service member to submit an application for occupancy,  it must be processed in seven days.  Read the full bill here.