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Zack Bacon riding Grand Cherokee, Sam Padilla riding Sauxsoe, Don Proctor riding Suntana and Marcus Chet Delorme riding Mucho Mite try to catch Don Herber riding Dudon as they make their way around the final turn Sunday at Pari-Mutual Horse Races at the Brown County Fairgrounds in Aberdeen. Herber and Dudon won the race. Photo by Dawn Dietrich-Sahli taken 5/17/09.

In a race to the court house,  a landlord narrowly avoided a ruling in favor of the tenant by filing a voluntary dismissal two hours before the court entered  the judgment.  On the landlord’s appeal of the judgment for the tenant,  the circuit court wrote once the landlord filed a voluntary dismissal,  “the trial court was without jurisdiction to enter a final judgment on the merits.” See Pino v. Bank of New York, 121 So. 3d 23, 32 (Fla. 2013) [38 Fla. L. Weekly S78a]; Colucci v. Greenfield, 547 So. 2d 224, 225 (Fla. 3d DCA 1989).  [Editors note:  in this case,  the tenants were pro se,  if they had had an attorney,  the landlord would still be considered the “losing party”  by filing a voluntary dismissal,  and liable for the tenant’s attorney’s fees].

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