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Section  715.07 of Florida Statutes “Vehicles or vessels parked on private property; towing”  provides the regulations. The owner, lessee, their representatives, or a representative of a condominium association may tow any vehicle parked on private property subject to the following:

  1. You must use a commercial towing company.
  2. The vehicle  must be stored within ten miles at a site open from 8;00 am to 6:00 pm
  3. The towing company shall notify the police within 30 minutes
  4. If the vehicle owner shows up, he may recover the vehicle upon payment of half of the tow charge.
  5. Unless the property is a single family residence or the vehicle owner has been personally notified,  there must be a tow away sign posted at the premises.
  6. Improperly parked vehicles may be towed without a sign or personal notice if the vehicles restricts the normal operation of business or obstructs a private driveway

You are liable for the costs and any damage resulting from an improper tow.