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In the case of Hidden Meadows Townhomes v. Ross  [2012 Ohio 6017 (Ohio App. 1st Dist. 2012)]  the tenant was on Section 8 housing assistance that was paying 100%  of the rent due,  $710.00  per month.  The landlord failed to provide the tenant with the notices required by HUD to sign her annual re-certification forms.  As a result Section 8 terminated the tenant’s rent subsidy.   The landlord then filed an eviction against the tenant for not paying the $710.00 rent.  The trial court granted the eviction,  but it was stayed pending appeal.  The appellate court ruled that because the landlord had not complied with the HUD regulations,  it was not authorized to increase the tenant’s portion of the rent from $0.00  to $710.00.   Thus, as no rent was due, the landlord could not evict the tenant for failure to pay rent.