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John O’Brien, the register of deeds in South Exxex County Massachusetts had a forensic loan audit done on 2,000 documents filed in 565 mortgage assignments.  The audit found that 16% were valid, 8.7% questionable, 75% invalid.   27% of the invalid assignments were fraudulent, 35% robosogned, and 10% violated the state fraud statute.  O’Brien published the report on his website. http://www.salemdeeds.com/ and published the list of robosigners Massachusetts Assignment of mortgage Audit Findings.

In Florida 201,524 mortgage foreclosures were disposed of last year:  96,630 by judgment of foreclosure, 104,126 dismissed without prejudice to refile,  198 went to trial.  In the system at the end of June 2011 were 196,212 cases considered “active,”  180,180 considered “inactive,”  and 2,260 under a stay (appeal or bankruptcy), totaling 378,652 foreclosures on the docket.  This is 82,000 less than  last year.  Part of the drop was due to the lenders own moratorium on filings while they tried to clean up their forged and faulty documents.  In Florida the plaintiff has to establish that it has possession of the note in order to establish standing to file suit.   If it can not be established,  the foreclosure is subject to dismissal.