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Federal law requires the landlord to file an affidavit with the court that the tenant is not service active duty in the US Armed Forces when the tenant has not filed an appearance in court in order to grant a default.

The landlord’s affidavit may be based on either of the following:

1)  A sworn affidavit from the plaintiff landlord articulating facts that would be admissible in evidence.

2) A written admission from the defendant tenant.   (i.e.   insert a line on your lease “I am not on active duty in the United States Military.”  signed by tenant or you can have the tenant sign a separate affidavit stating that he/she is not active duty military.

3)  A FREE  online certificate can be obtained   from https://www.dmdc.osd.mil/appj/scra/scraHome.do (requires defendant name, social security number and date of birth). There is no charge and you can print out the certificate directly from the website.   Note:  this website does not work on the google web browser,  you must use internet explorer or firefox.

Your web browser may also need you to install a Department of Defense Root Certificate in order to “trust”  the website.   You can install this certificate here:


You can also purchase a certificate from a private company which chartges $36.40 to run the search plus  $15.00 for a certificate.   They do not require a date of birth and social security number.  http://www.servicememberscivilreliefact.com/faq/#7

Here is a form non-military affidavit for filing in court  Non-military Affidavit